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INTEQ’s commitment to the development of clean technologies will make it's generator a global leader in clean energy. Our know-how and experience pushes us to new and innovative solutions that provide us with the possibility to reform the energy sector anywhere in the world, bringing economic and environmental benefits.


Muon Generator :: Automitive Application Muon Energy Generator :: Home Application RokBox System Plugin Prefernces :: The plugin is fully configurable via the system plugin prefences parameters


  • A new energy alternative is born, sustainable and limitless.
  • Innovation on the development and implementation of electricity.
  • It's use covers a large variety of options going from, domestic use, to industrial.
  • In Harmony with Nature,  doesn't create any pollution.
  • Clean, affordable, safe and abundant energy.
  • Effectively capture and process muons to produce sustainable and inexhaustible energy.

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